Saturday 9am-11:30am

Croque Monsiuer Tartine
Country ham and gruyere cheese with béchamel on SFB Co. country bread. Topped with fresh organic arugula dressed in our house vinaigrette.
add egg + $1.50

Lox  Platter
Nova Scotia salmon lox, with French baguette, cream cheese, fresh sliced tomato, capers and house pickled onions

Two 2 eggs, smokey bacon, roasted red potatoes, and your choice of Country sour dough wheat or white toast and butter.

Bacon, Egg & Avocado Breakfast Salad
On a bed of fresh organic arugula dressed in our house vinaigrette.

French Toast
Cascade Bread Co. brioche baked in cinnamon-vanilla custard. Topped with local mixed berry compote and whipped cream.

Pastrami Hash
Pastrami, roasted red potatoes, cheddar cheese, sautéed onions and red peppers. Topped with two fried eggs.

Italian Sausage Scramble
Italian sausage, tomato, black olive, caramelized onions and spinach scrambled with three eggs and topped with Parmesan cheese. Served with roasted red potatoes.

Bacon, Avocado & Tomato Omelet
Crispy bacon, avocado, tomato, and mozzarella cheese. Served with roasted red potatoes.
add pesto + .75

Country Ham & Cheddar Omelet
Diced country ham and cheddar cheese. Served with roasted red potatoes.

Caprese Omelet
Fresh basil, tomato, and fresh mozzarella with a drizzle of house pesto. Served with roasted red potatoes.

Garden Omelet
Broccoli, spinach, mixed mushrooms, caramelized onion, tomato and gruyere cheese. Served with roasted red potatoes.

Roasted Red Potatoes $2.50

Bacon 2 slices $3

Country Ham Slice $2.50

Country Wheat Sourdough or White Toast
with Strawberry Jam & Butter $2



Baked Camembert & Roasted Organic Mixed Mushrooms
With roasted garlic, Oregon Olive Mill Arbequina olive oil and SFB Co. French baguette.

A selection of cured meats and cheeses, accompanied by fresh & dried fruits, local hazelnuts and SFB Co. country bread.

Cheese Plate
A selection of imported and local cheeses accompanied by fresh & dried fruit, local hazelnuts and SFB Co. country bread.

Pub Lunch:
Country ham, specialty cheeses, hardboiled egg, house made pickled vegetables, mixed olives, apricot stoneground mustard & SFB Co. whole wheat bread.

Pastrami Sliders
With stoneground mustard aioli and sauerkraut on brioche slider buns.

Rosemary Shoe String French Fries
with ketchup & pesto aioli.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Roasted Brussel Sprouts with a bacon and smoked-paprika aioli.

Roasted Mixed Olives with Oregon Olive Mill Arbequina Olive Oil
Roasted in our brick oven and served warm with SFB Co. French baguette.

Hummus & Sesame Flatbread
Our housemade hummus is served with fresh vegetables and brick oven sesame flatbread.


Our House Made Dressings are all Gluten Free:
Roasted Shallot & Sherry Vinaigrette
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Honey Poppy Seed
Buttermilk Ranch
Blue Cheese

House Salad
Organic mixed greens with grape tomato, pickled onion, crushed croutons and your choice of dressing.

Grilled Steak +$4
Grilled Chicken +$3

Latin Caesar
Our house made Caesar dressing (contains anchovies & dairy), romaine lettuce, roasted corn, avocado, pickled onions, and feta cheese.

Grilled Steak +$4
Grilled Chicken +$3

Chipotle Ranch Steak Salad
Grilled flank steak, avocado, roasted corn, black bean, fresh cilantro, pickled onion, grape tomato, fried tortilla strips and organic mixed greens with chipotle ranch dressing.

Roasted Beet, Rogue River Oregonzola & Toasted Hazelnuts
With organic mixed greens, toasted Freddy Guy’s hazelnuts and honey poppy seed dressing.

Grilled Steak +$4
Grilled Chicken +$3

Feta cheese, cucumber, tomato, pickled onion, pepperoncini, spinach, red pepper, and Kalamata olive tossed in roasted shallot & sherry vinaigrette.

Grilled Steak +$4
Grilled Chicken +$3

Dungeness Crab & Oregon Shrimp Salad
Organic mixed greens tossed in our roasted shallot & sherry viniagrette and topped with Oregon Dungeness crab & bay shrimp, avocado, grape tomato and cucumber.

Salad Bar
We have a vast offering of seasonal salad items including fresh and roasted vegetables, grains, beans, house made salads, meats, cheeses and dressings for you to choose from.

Grilled Steak +$4
Grilled Chicken +$3
Avocado +$2


All sandwiches are served with side of pickled vegetables.
House Salad + $3.50
Cup of Soup +$3.50
Kettle Chips + $1.50
French Fries +$5

All of our burgers are made from 100% grass fed beef from Rudio Creek Ranch in Eastern Oregon and served on a toasted Cascade Baking Co. brioche bun with a side of rosemary shoe string french fries.

Dungeness Crab & Oregon Shrimp
With lemon mayonnaise, diced celery and green leaf lettuce on a toasted Cascade Baking Co. brioche roll.

Roasted Turkey & Bacon-Pepper Jam
Roasted turkey, bacon-pepper jam, green leaf lettuce, tomato, and cream cheese on a ciabatta roll.

Garden Vegetable
Avocado, sliced cucumber, tomato, pickled onion, arugula and dill cream cheese on a ciabatta.
Add Salmon Lox +$4
Roasted Turkey +$3
Vegan Cheese +$.75

Italian Deli
Salami, spicy capicola, pickled peppers, tomato, provolone cheese, green leaf lettuce and balsamic vinaigrette on a ciabatta roll.

Crispy bacon, green leaf lettuce, roma tomato, avocado and mayo on toasted country bread.

Classic Burger
Tillamook cheddar, tomato, green leaf lettuce, pickle, onion and burger sauce.

Champ’s Mushroom & Swiss Burger
Sauteed mixed mushroom & roasted garlic with gruyere cheese and mayo.

Oregonzola Burger
Rogue Creamery Oregonzola, caramelized onions and mayo.

Meatless Burger
Tillamook cheddar, tomato, green leaf lettuce, pickle, onion and burger sauce.

Add Ons
Fried Egg +$1               Bacon +$1.50
Avocado +$2                Caramelized Onion +$1
Oregonzola +$2           Tillamook Cheese +$1
Vegan Cheese +$1       Briar Rose Goat Cheese +$2
Sauteed Mixed Mushrooms +$1.50


Our house pizzas are 8″
Cascade Baking Co. GF crust  + $2.25
House Salad + $3.50

Phat Mike’s
Spicy capicola, pepperoni, Italian sausage, black olives, artichokes hearts, roasted garlic, mozzarella cheese and our house marinara sauce.

Spicy Capicola, Fresh Mozzarella and Arugula
on our house marinara base.

Salami, Sautéed Kale & Briar Rose Goat Cheese
With roasted red peppers on house made pesto base.

Mozzarella and our house marinara sauce.

Mozzarella and our house marinara sauce.

Organic Mixed Mushroom, Roasted Garlic & Briar Rose Goat Cheese
Sautéed crimini, shiitake, oyster and portabella mushrooms with Briar Rose goat cheese on our house white sauce. For Gluten Free: omit the white sauce and choose marinara or olive oil.
Sub pesto +.75

Prosciutto, Pear & Arugula
Shaved Parmesan on an extra virgin olive oil, balsamic and fig jam base.

Red peppers, Kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, fresh spinach, tomato, feta and mozzarella cheese and our house marinara sauce.

Fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil drizzled with Oregon Olive Mill extra virgin olive oil and balsamic reduction.


For our friends who are 12 years old and under.

PB & J 
With strawberry jam on country white bread.

Cheese Pizza
Marinara base with mozzarella cheese.

Roasted Turkey Sandwich 
On country white bread with lettuce and mayo.

Grilled Cheese
Tillamook cheddar on country white bread.

Fresh Fruits & Veggies
Fresh apple slices, baby carrots & peanut butter.

Darigold Milk 
2% or fat free chocolate.



Do you have a sweet tooth? Look no further than our incredible pastry selections.

Seasonal Layered Cake
Layers of our moist house made cake (vanilla, chocolate or other seasonal flavor) with buttercream frosting or chocolate ganache

Flourless Chocolate Torte (gluten free)
A rich, dark chocolate one-layer cake with cream sugar, eggs, and butter

GF Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bar

Ginger Molasses Cookies

Layers of rum custard, sponge cake, vanillawhipped cream and Kahlua Stumptown coffee syrup,finished with a dusting of dark chocolate cocoa powder

Decorated Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies 

GF Chocolate Chip Cookies 


We proudly serve Bontà Gelato, made in Bend, OR. Gluten free. All flavors are rotating and seasonal. See below for a sample list. Call us for current offerings

Ice Cream Flight
Your choice of 5 flavors

Mini Scoop

Double Scoop


The Governor’s Cup espresso (regular of decaf) poured over your choice of ice cream.
Single scoop $5.50     Double Scoop $8.50

Ice Cream Sandwich
Your choice of cookie, mix & match your cookies and your choice of ice cream.

Single Scoop

Waffle Cone 


Gelato Flavors

Peanut Butter Theo Fudge

Dulce De Leche + Sea Salt

Vanilla Bourbon Pecan

Lemon Cream

Toasted Coconut

Roasted Strawberry & Honey

Thump Espresso

Salted Chocolate

Sorbetto Flavors

Chocolate Coconut Sorbetto*DF

Boysenberry Citrus Sorbetto*DF

Marionberry Sorbetto* DF

Raspberry Sorbetto* DF

Seasonal Gelato Flavors

Lemon Ginger

Lime Cream & Ginge

Orange Cream

Oregon Mint Chocolate

Raspberry Sorbetto* DF


Need a pick-me-up? Our full-service coffee bar has what you need.We’re pleased to offer espresso and drip coffee courtesy of local mainstay The Governor’s Cup Coffee Roasters.


Drip Coffee




Breve Latte

Cafe au latte

Mocha (dark, white, spiced)

Hot chocolate


Steven Smith Tea

Iced tea

Italian Soda